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Share your Turing Scheme journey with us!

Across the nation, organisations and participants alike are getting ready to start their Turing Scheme journeys around the globe. Read our blog post to find out how you can spread the word about your project and your story.
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What can promoting your Turing Scheme story do for you?

So, you have a project, but who knows about it?

An important aspect of ensuring the success of your project is to share your story and promote your project and the impact it is having on not only your participants but also on your organisation. One of the best ways you can do this is by sharing your story with us! You can do this by tagging #TuringScheme in any of your project updates on social media or by submitting a case study to us.

Not only do we love hearing about your projects, but your story may inspire other people to get involved, not to mention being great promotion for your organisation! We’ll also feature your case study onto our website and showcase through our social media channels.

Read our top tips below on how best to share your story with us and start spreading the word about your project!

Share your best practice

This might include things like how did you find your partners? How did you ensure good communication between the partnership? How did you incorporate widening access into your application process? Did you overcome any difficulties?

Supply us with visuals

“A picture is worth a thousand words” so supply some visuals to help tell your story and bring your project to life. Share images and videos as well as tagging us in any visual content you share on social media such as stories, reels, tweets and posts.

Talk about your plans, goals and desired outcomes

What are the main outcomes you hope to gain from this project? What are your participants most looking forward to learning or discovering? What do you hope your participants achieve from this? Let us know what milestones you have already reached and how the project is working for you.

Include quotes and testimonials

A quote provides project perspective. Ask your participants how they are finding their experience, set up short interviews and gather quotes to put together a selection of testimonials. Also interview project coordinators on what they hope to achieve and the impact their project is having as it progresses.

Share your project far and beyond

Include any links which help to share your project – if you have a Twitter handle or Facebook page include these. Or if you have an image gallery on Facebook or Flickr let us know so we can promote your project via our social media channels. Remember to tag us in your social media posts so that we can share onto our own timelines for added exposure.

Are you thinking about it? Fill out the form below, including a summary of your project and we’ll be in touch to set up an interview.

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