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Everything is possible

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Discover how exhibitions and presentations can give students a ‘voice’ which impacts both trainees and organisations.

Everything is Possible, a York-based not-for-profit organisation, runs various Erasmus+ funded projects. Its latest, called ‘Moving Feet Opening Minds’ doesn’t just offer exciting work opportunities – but also encourages trainees to share their stories.

Targeting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds – the initiative will send 353 vocational education and training (VET) students abroad on work experience placements over a two-year period.

Co-ordinator Clair Brown explains: “A lot of the participants we’re working with fall into the category of thinking, ‘These international opportunities aren’t for me, they’re for people with money or people with degrees’. It’s really a case of trying to bring these exciting opportunities to participants that maybe, in the past, haven’t had those chances.”

From Aruban animal sanctuaries to rugby in Martinique

‘Moving Feet Opening Minds’ offers a wide range of short or long-term work placements for students with partner organisations based in Malta, Aruba, Sweden, Spain, Martinique and Croatia covering skills as diverse as animal husbandry, sports management, carpentry and more.

These opportunities give students incredible experiences that they would not get in the UK, says Clair.

In Martinique the trainees are involved in football activities and experience how it is coached in a different way to the UK. They also offer rugby sessions, giving the trainees coaching experience and offering local children and young people exposure to a sport which is not prevalent in their country.