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Funding results

The outcomes of the first funding round under the Turing Scheme have been published, with 372 projects being approved to receive grant funding totalling £98,531,462.25 to send students, learners and pupils on 41,024 life-changing education and training placements around the world.

A total of 412 applications were received from higher education institutes, schools, and further education and vocational education and training (FE/VET) providers spread across the United Kingdom.

Almost half (48.1%) of the placements approved for funding are for participants identified as coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

More information about the funding results, successful applicants and the destination countries/territories chosen for funded activities can be seen in the following tables and by downloading the documents below. 

Please note, these numbers were updated on 5 November 2021 following additional funding for nine FE/VET projects and adjustments to participant locations. Numbers remain subject to change following final project decisions and the contracting process.

Overview of funding results

SectorHigher educationFE/VETSchoolsTotals
No. of Applications139142131412
No. of successful applications139119114372
Funding amount provided£67,001,941.25£24,819,113.40£6,710,407.60£98,531,462.25
Total no. of participants28,9976,8885,13941,024
No. of disadvantaged participants13,8173,8432,05319,713
% of disadvantaged participants47.6%55.8%39.9%48.1%

Approved projects

SectorHigher educationFE/VETSchoolsTotals
N. Ireland49013

Approved funded amounts

SectorHigher educationFE/VETSchoolsTotals%
N. Ireland£944,127.50£648,706.000£1,592,833.501.6%

Our funded organisations come from across the UK and they have been approved for Turing Scheme placements that will take place in over 150 destination countries and territories from around the world. You can find out more about our funded organisations and destination countries and territories in the lists below.

Download our funded organisation list for each sector which includes region and country information for each organisation:

Download our destination countries/territories list for each sector which includes the number of participants we have granted funding to for the upcoming 2021-22 academic year for each destination:

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