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A group of hospitality students from Borders College in Scotland will be heading to Canada to boost their knowledge, thanks to Turing Scheme funding.
A group of hospitality students from Borders College in Scotland will be heading to Canada to boost their knowledge, thanks to Turing Scheme funding. 
The learners will spend two weeks at Centennial College in Toronto after the Galashiels-based rural further education college successfully applied for a £21,344 grant under the UK government’s international education opportunities programme.
Katharine Mathison, Director of Enterprise and Business Innovation at Borders College, said: “Borders College is very excited to receive funding via the Turing Scheme to support international study for our students.
“The scheme will enable a collaborative partnership to develop with Centennial College in Canada and support some of our hospitality students to travel abroad, take part in lectures and learn more about different cultures, exchange ideas and promote global citizenship.”

New and innovative environments

Centennial College is a large community college with several campuses across Toronto, a well-established international programme and highly developed partnerships with organisations across the globe.
A multi-cultural college, it offers many similar programmes to Borders College including sustainable construction, hospitality, childcare, creative industries and social care.
The placements are designed to help Borders College students gain new knowledge, skills and experiences in new and innovative environments and to aid achievement of qualifications that will impact on their personal development and future employability.
They will experience different approaches to work and learning and build confidence and self-awareness.
“This programme will support students from all backgrounds and academic levels to improve their employability skills, build their confidence and understand ethnic diversity and the challenges faced by indigenous populations in North America,” said Katharine.

Stronger international relationships

“We are looking forward to planning and organising the trip and working with our students and partners to ensure it is a successful and productive opportunity.”
Borders College is keen to build stronger international relationships through the exchange of ideas, sharing good practice and development of new teaching methods. It is hoped this programme will empower students and staff to be more innovative, creative and committed to personal and professional development as well as increase opportunities for international collaboration on joint projects and research.
The Borders College Strategic Ambitions 2020 to 2025 make a commitment to provide “innovative, life-changing opportunities that prepare our students for global citizenship”.
Centennial College’s Academic Plan echoes many of these commitments and this has provided confidence that both colleges can work together for the development of a mutually beneficial international programme.
You can read an original version of this article on the Borders College website.
Read more about FE and VET opportunities under the Turing Scheme on our dedicated webpage.


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