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The University of Southampton is using Turing Scheme funding to enable students to fulfil exciting international ambitions in 2021-22 – from working with cutting-edge scientists in Switzerland to learning about high fashion in Hong Kong.
Study and work placements, also taking place in the USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea, form integral aspects of students’ degree programmes. They are enabling participants to develop new skills and cultural intelligence and gain crucial international experience.The Turing Scheme will support the university to develop opportunities that are both inclusive and expansive to the student community.

An international strategy

Professor Jane Falkingham, Vice-President International, said: “We’re about to publish our exciting new University Strategy which will set out our ambition for our students, ensuring they are internationally recognised as curious, engaged, ethical, culturally aware, and socially and environmentally responsible. Through our participation in the Turing Scheme, Southampton students will be able to access opportunities across the globe to help them develop and fulfil that ambition.”

Change of pace

Chris Sandever, an MPhys Particle Physics student at the University of Southampton is on a year-long work placement with CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland.

“Taking part in a placement is a great opportunity for learning new languages, with the main languages being French, German, Italian and English,” he said. “Although, a far wider range of languages are spoken at CERN since researchers originate from all over the world.”
Despite the challenges of travel in 2021, Chris is very enthusiastic about his experience. “So far the placement has been amazing. It’s been a massive change of pace from learning four modules every semester and planning for exams, to trying to solve new, interesting problems in a field I still feel quite new to, on a 9 to 5 schedule. All in all, I couldn’t have wished for a better placement and I’m so glad I chose to do it.”

Employability benefits

Placements abroad help students to gain real life experience of the working environment and importantly, given the globalisation of the work force, first-hand experience of working alongside colleagues from all over the world. As highlighted in the UUKi report Gone International: Rising Aspirations these skills mean mobile graduates achieve higher degree outcomes and progress and earn more than non-mobile peers once they enter the workforce.
The University of Southampton is passionate about ensuring its students leave equipped for success in their futures, something the Turing Scheme is supporting through such global opportunities.

A global viewpoint

Zhe (Jessica) Chen, a BA Fashion Marketing and Management student studying at Southampton’s Winchester School of Art, is currently undertaking a year abroad in Hong Kong, thanks to the Turing Scheme funding.
“Exchange study is an excellent opportunity for me to experience a different culture and perspective,” she said. “Fashion needs a global viewpoint, so the more culture I interact with, the broader and more comprehensive will be my perspective in the future. This experience is very useful for my future employment.

A new environment

“I appreciate interacting with students here, who have highly cosmopolitan and critical thoughts. It encourages me to consider my own opinions more carefully before reacting. I am becoming more and more self-sufficient. I have learned about diverse cultures, beliefs, and perspectives on things which really broaden my horizons. I really appreciate it.”
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