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Deadline approaching – additional guidance available for completing your Turing Scheme application form

With the deadline for 2022-23 Turing Scheme applications fast approaching we have some additional guidance for completing your online application form.

There are now just a few days left to submit your application for funding under the Turing Scheme 2023 to 2024 before the deadline at 4pm on Thursday, 6 April 2023.

Many of you are working hard to get your applications completed and submitted in time as you seek to secure grants this will support life-changing placements all over the world for your students, learners and pupils.

During that process, many of you have been contacting us with your feedback and comments as you work your way through the online application form – including highlighted issues you may be having and points for clarification.

In response to this, we have prepared some additional guidance on certain aspects of the application form which we hold will help those of you still working on your applications. In particular, there is information around navigating the form, making changes and how to create and submit mobility groups.

Please note that ALL mobility groups must be individually added and saved BEFORE you select the ‘Mark as complete’ button on the ‘Submitting a mobility group’ page. Only press ‘Mark as complete’ once you have checked each mobility carefully, as once you select this, the whole Mobility groups section will be locked and cannot be altered. This is so your Project Plan and Budget Summary can be generated before your legal representative confirms the information provided in your application is correct and complete.

You can view and download this additional application form guidance here.

Many of you have also highlighted the declaration tick box at the end of the Privacy Notice section.

Please ignore the reference to your ‘legal representative’ at this point, it is acceptable for the person who is filling out the rest of the form to tick this box so that the next section can be accessed.

Hopefully you will find this additional information helpful and can complete and submit your application ahead of the deadline.

As always, if you have any questions, you can email us at A member of our team will be happy to help.

Best of luck with your application.


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