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Turing Scheme Application Guide is now available

A new application guide is now available for the Turing Scheme

A new application guide that demystifies the process of applying for Turing Scheme funding is now available to download.

The Turing Scheme 2022 to 2023 Application Guide is designed to guide funding applicants to obtain funding. The scheme offers pupils, learners, and students increased exposure to the world beyond national borders by experiencing new cultures and improving their engagement and confidence. These opportunities are accessed through educational providers.

While the application process is a straightforward online system that will store your answers as you build your proposal, many first-time applicants can feel daunted using such a system.

As understanding what happens during the process is key, our application guide walks you through the submission, screen by screen, with useful information on the type of information that needs to be entered at each step.

With uncertainty over the application process taken out of the equation, you are freed to concentrate on writing your application to maximise the chances of it being accepted.

Alongside the new Turing Scheme Application Guide, we offer a range of help and support that is outlined below.

You can also view a recording of recent presentations about the Turing Scheme.

SectorLink to videoLink to presentation (PDF)
Higher Education (HE)HE Turing Scheme webinarHE presentation deck
Further Education (FE) and Vocation Education and Training (VET)FE/VET Turing Scheme webinarFE/VET presentation deck
SchoolsSchools’ Turing Scheme webinarSchools’ presentation deck


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